Our Rental Policies

When you are looking for rental equipment there are a number of guidelines that can help you obtain the right piece of equipment for your specific job. We believe that our policies and guidelines help ensure a fair and consistent approach to the various aspects of our rental business, but if you have specific concerns or needs please speak with our store manager.

General Guidelines for Rental Equipment

Call The Rent-It Store and describe the project you would like to complete with rented equipment. When our Rental Professionals know the details of your project, they can recommend exactly the type and size of equipment you’ll need for most lawn and garden and home improvement or repair projects. They also will help you organize the additional supplies you’ll need to complete the job correctly. The Rent-It Store carries all the extras, such as sandpaper or detergent, for example, to do a professional job.

Prep Before Renting

Before you actually go to The Rent-It Store, organize the work area so you can use the equipment right away when you bring it home. For example, if you’re shampooing a carpet, remove furniture from the room before you pick up the carpet cleaner. This preparation can save you money because The Rent-It Store charges for the time the equipment is in your possession - not for the time you actually spend using it.


When you pick up the equipment, The Rent-It Store personnel will explain how to use it safely and correctly. If you don’t understand the instructions or feel uncomfortable about operating the equipment, ask for more information and instructions.

Understand the Rental Rates

Make sure you understand our rental rates, store hours, and policy for returns. Rental items may be rented by the half-day, day, week, month, or per event. Generally, the equipment has a set minimum time that is less expensive than renting for the entire day.

Equipment Responsibility

Make sure you understand your responsibility for the equipment. Generally, The Rent-It Store is responsible for equipment maintenance and will replace equipment that breaks down during normal use. But when damage occurs because of a customer’s negligence or misuse, he or she is responsible for repair or replacement. For expensive equipment in your possession, construction equipment would be an example, you may need to provide on-site security.


1. Physical Condition of Rental Item(s)

You acknowledge that prior to taking the rented item (s), you examined it, saw it in operation (if appropriate), and are aware of its condition and that it is in good condition except for any defect noted on this contract. It is your responsibility to return the rented item(s) to The Rent-It Store in the same condition, except for ordinary wear and tear.

2. Use of Item(s)

You agree that you are satisfied with the instruction given by The Rent-It Store in the proper and safe manner of using the item(s) or that you are so familiar and told The Rent-It Store that you were. You further agree that the item(s) will be used only at the address designated and only for the purpose for which the item(s) was manufactured and intended. Subleasing or improper use is prohibited.

3. Responsibility For Use

You are responsible for the use of the rented item(s). You assume all risks inherent in the operation and use of the item(s) and agree to assume the entire responsibility for the defense of, and to pay, indemnify and hold The Rent-It Store harmless from, and hereby release The Rent-It Store from any and all claims for damage to property or bodily injury (including death) resulting from the use, operation or possession of the item, whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or in part from The Rent-It Store’s negligence, from the defective condition of the item or from any cause. You agree that no warranties, expressed or implied, have been made in connection with this rental.

4. Responsibility for Equipment

From the time the item(s) is rented, you are responsible for it. If the item is lost, stolen, or damaged under any circumstance while rented regardless of fault, you shall be responsible for all charges, including labor costs, to replace or repair the item(s). If the item(s) is returned not clean, a cleaning charge will be imposed.

5. Item(s) Failure

You agree immediately to discontinue the attempt to use the rented item(s) should it at any time become unsafe or in a state of disrepair, and will immediately (one (1) hour or less) notify The Rent-It Store of the facts. The Rent-It Store agrees at its discretion to make the item(s) operable within a reasonable time, or provide you with a like item if available, or make a like item available at another time, and/or adjust the rental charges. This provision does not relieve you from the obligations imposed by other paragraphs including four (4) and six (6) in all events, The Rent-It Store shall not be responsible for any injury or damage, including consequential damage, resulting from failure or defect of a rented item(s).

6. Return of item(s)

The rented item(s) are the property of The Rent-It Store and are rented to you subject to this contract for rental charges and for the period of time noted on the front. If you desire to extend the term of this rental beyond the time and date specified on the front under Due In, you must immediately notify The Rent-It Store to obtain our approval, the terms for such extension, and a modification of this contract (see Paragraph Nine). If this contract has not been extended and you fail to return the item(s) when due in, The Rent It Store, to enforce its property ownership of the item(s) and to protect its interest under this contract, may retake the item(s) at any time, and to do so The Rent-It Store or its representatives may enter your property and you hereby waive any right of action against The Rent-It Store for such entry and retaking. In addition, you acknowledge that the failure to return rented item(s) within the contracted time and the sale or concealment of the rented item(s) are prohibited and that such action may constitute a crime. The Rent-It Store, in addition to any other action we may take, may notify the authorities and take other action, including the filing of criminal complaints, subjecting you to prosecution.

7. Charges and Payments

You are responsible for rental charges from the time the item(s) is rented out as specified on the front until it is returned and other charges hereunder. Return the item(s) promptly, clean, and in good condition. You and your representative, agent, or principal shall be responsible for and shall pay The Rent-It Store all charges hereunder. All charges are due upon return of the item(s) and on-demand. If the rental charges are charged to someone other than the Renter, the Renter represents he is the agent of such party and has the right to charge this rental, the Renter nevertheless will remain liable for the charges and for the other obligations and responsibilities of the Renter hereunder. If rental charges are not paid within ten (10) days of their due date, The Rent-It Store at its discretion may recalculate all charges on a daily rental rate basis.

8. Collection Costs

You agree to pay attorney fees, collection fees, court costs, and any other expenses incurred in collecting any charges under this agreement, in retaking the rented item(s) or otherwise in enforcing the terms of this contract.

9. Modification of Contract

This paper represents our entire contract, and there are no collateral, oral, or other agreements outstanding. None of The Rent-It Store’s rights may be changed and no extension of the term of this contract may be made except in writing signed by The Rent-It Store and made a part of this contract.

10. Rental Fees

Rental fees are for the portal to portal time out, not time used, including any period leaser is closed. Overdue rates for equipment rentals are computed at 1/6 the daily rate for each hour over a day (24 hours). A one-day rental rate for equipment with run-time hour meters consists of eight (8) hours use within a 24-hour period. If run-time more than eight (8) hours in a 24-hour period, an additional prorate charge will be made.

11. Damage Waiver

The Rent-It Store is happy to provide our customers with a Damage Waiver on equipment & tools they rent. The Damage Waiver covers 100% of the first $500.00 of the cost to repair or replace tools and or equipment that has been damaged and the cost is non-refundable. If the customer agrees & accepts the Damage Waiver, the customer will become responsible for all damages or replacement costs over $500.00. Should the customer refuse the damage waiver, all damages and/or replacement costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

A fee of 9% on the final rental rate on breakable and or damageable rental items is available. Restrictions do apply; items not included in damage waiver are:

  • Glass, tire, and tracks.
  • Items damaged due to customers not protecting items from weather.
  • Shortages disclosed on inventory, either by unexplained disappearance, willful neglect, abuse, vandalism, or theft.
  • Damage due to customer neglect or misuse.
  • Loss of accessory equipment ...example but not limited to propane regulators etc.

The customer must establish proof of damage by the return of the damaged items (or pieces thereof) and such other evidence as The Rent-It Store may reasonably require.

The Damage Waiver protection is optional and may be declined at the time of rental.

If customers have any questions regarding our Damage Waiver please contact any of our Rental Professionals at (306) 652-0101.

12. Customer Costs

The customer agrees to pay the full replacement cost, including labor, for all damages to rental equipment due to any cause whatsoever.

If you have further questions and would like a callback, please call or email us.

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